New Adora Custom Flash Drives

By adora posted March 7th, 2016 |

We’re giving a little update to the way we deliver our wedding videos and while we were searching for a good quality flash drive to deliver the files, we were introduced to these really cool custom wooden drives.

custom flash drives

Jeff, from USB Memory Direct (they make custom flash drives) was so pleasant to work with and he even offered to send out some flash drives for free so we could check out their quality and test some options before we decide on a final choice for our deliverables. The whole process was pretty quick and we ended up with a bunch of really cool custom drives with our logo on them. We may fine-tune the artwork we choose to have printed on there but these things are so cool and have such an awesome feel to them.

Having a new custom delivery option for our wedding videos was really important to us and speaks to the nature of how we create our films. Because every couple’s wedding is unique to them, we customize our packages to fit, so having a custom flash drive like this just compliments that philosophy. Can’t wait to show off our new packaging to all of our 2016 couples.